Audiojack is currently being used in schools across the globe. Students participate as a class and engage in an environment that has no “wrong answer”. The student can come up with any story that comes to them and not have to worry about being wrong. Everyone gets to create their own narrative.

Students can participate in a variety of ways to share their story. Working on their own and then as a group, each member of the class gets a chance to be creative in their own way in telling their story. With no restrictions on what the story can be, everyone has a perfectly blank slate to use core skills and retain abilities for future learning.

Sharing has proven to be the most fun part of using Audiojack in class. Students pay attention to see how their classmate’s story will be different from theirs because everyone hears the same thing, but that doesn’t mean they will interpret in the same way. Used from ages 4 and up, Audiojack brings a cutting edge advantage to instructors by bringing a fresh option to take care of core needs. For more information about using Audiojack with your program email

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