About Audiojack

An Audiojack is an audio-based movie to help you mindfully activate your imagination through sound.

Our team layers hundreds of elements together in a unique sonic fashion to tell a story that’s never the same twice. Journey to the stars, wander an empty beach… The story is up to you!

Changing History

The concept of sound design has been around for centuries, but it has always been used with live action. In the late 1800’s sound was added to movies and brought photos to life. Sound design has always been used to support the story… until now.

What is An Audiojack?

An Audiojack is a audio-based movie with no words, no music, no video, only sounds, requiring your imagination to tell the story. The Audiojack process started with a small amount of sound effects that were layered together to create a scene. The length quickly extended itself from a few scattered seconds of action into multiple series, that due to no language barrier, have been heard all over the world.

Why Use Audiojack?

The beauty of Audiojack is that your imagination and memory converge and start to build your own story based on what you hear.

This is just the beginning and there is a whole story that is just starting to be told. We hope you’ll come along for the ride and add to our history.

As always, sit back, relax… and enjoy the show