Need to get the creative juices flowing?

Use content in the mobile app at the start of any activity to get your mind racing with ideas. Each Audiojack is designed to take you to a place and make you feel like you’re actually there. The story becomes your own and is never the same twice. Use Audiojack to overcome writers block, challenge skills or find inspiration.

Audiojack Activities

All Audiojack activities are free in the mobile app and don’t need a subscription to use. Try them at home with the family or friends during game night. You only need a paper and pencil to complete the objectives and they work for all ages. It’s a great way to allow everyone to participate and enjoy an activity that has no wrong answer.

Want less screen time?

With three taps you're done with the screen and ready to take back your imagination! Screen time is up across all ages and its not only affecting our sleep, but the way we relax and think. Give your eyes and mind a break by engaging your ability to daydream. Take time for a break with your eyes closed and mind turned on. Imagination, not meditation.

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