Non-visual activity increased mindfulness and allows the body to enter a meditative state. By creating a state of mindfulness, Audiojack allows each user their own way to participate with the material that’s both personal and engaging. In addition, patients with insomnia use the content as well to help focus and rest. The use of Audiojack is highly active in the health world due to this exact reason.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Audiojack is being used in hospitals and medical centers for patients undergoing long procedures or process like dialysis and chemotherapy. By providing clients the opportunity to feel like they are somewhere else reduces stress and a more positive experience. Most facilities provide licenses to unlock content for their patients.

Memory Loss & Dementia

Memory Loss and Dementia suffers experience significant recall when engaging with Audiojack content. The ‘LIFE’ category features selections that create lucid discussions while listening and discussing the Audiojack being played. Senior Care facilities have been providing the app for visitors to help reach their guests.

Audiojack for Aging


Guided PTSD sessions with therapists have created breakthroughs due to the trigger rich content found in each Audiojack. The cues activate memories and trigger recall to open up discussion. Use in this manner is done in controlled settings with professionals.
Autistic patients have also been using the mobile app with adults and kids in educational programs as well as for home use. Initial findings showed that an increase in engagement lasted for up to 4 hours after participating with the Audiojack content due to it’s ability to activate the senses through only the auditory channel.

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