300 High School students were assigned to write a creative essay of their choice. They were graded against a standard 5-point rubric. Two days later the same students did the Audiojack activity, “The Story” and were graded against the same rubric. Results showed grades increase by 8%, and when the same assignment was done with non-native English speakers, grades went up by 22%. Retention, participation, and tone also changed for the positive according to all educators that participated.

To find the above mentioned activity and other ways to use Audiojack, look on the home page of the mobile app. All the activities are free and have step-by-step instructions to guide you through an Audiojack experience. Feel free to modify them to suit your needs or create your own!

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Art programs have embraced Audiojack content and have seen the same results as writing activities with engagement and performance. Audiojacks work for all ages, old and young. It allows for a creative path for anyone just by listening, the imagination follows. Currently, Audiojack is used by kids as young as 3 and as old as 93. The freedom of the content allows you to connect and use it at whatever level you need.


Blind listeners use the same way as the sighted. The website and app are both accessible for screen readers and accessibility features. There are several categories to choose from. The American Printing House for the Blind, California School for the Blind and Perkins are just a few blind programs that have brought Audiojack into their curriculum for Writing and are now looking beyond to new areas like Orientation and Mobility.

Wildlife Education

Audiojack offers listeners a chance to feel what it’s like to be in a variety of experiences. One of those is an animal in their natural environment. Working with the Humane Society of the United States and International, World Wildlife Fund, and TA Foundation in China, Audiojack has created real moments in the lives of some amazing creatures. Each experience depicts a unique aspect of the animal’s existence, from hunting for food to playing with family to being the hunted themselves.

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